I have a simple web page which uses a serif font and a sans serif font; both are set with font-family: serif and font-family: sans-serif respectively. With these settings I would expect that a well thought out web browser would by default use a serif font and a sans serif font with matching x-heights. However, on Windows 10 I observe that in Chrome, Firefox and Opera the default sans serif font has a larger x-height than the default serif font. This makes the sans serif font look larger than the serif font. What font settings do I need to make sure the x-heights match?

  • Use fonts that you know match. I'm unsure what you're trying to achieve as there's no "x-height" attribute or anything like that – Zach Saucier Jan 27 at 19:36
  • @ZachSaucier The strange thing is that Internet Explorer, which by default uses Times New Roman and Arial, seems to match the x-height of the two fonts. – August Karlstrom Jan 28 at 16:36

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