I have ran into one of the most aggravating problems. I am working in Illustrator CC on a Surface Pro, mostly using 'Touch' mode. For some reason, all of my brush strokes have rounded edges.

Screenshot of what I mean

What I have tried.. 1. Use a different brush 2. Create a new brush

I then contacted Adobe Customer Care for help and they reccomended... 1. Reseting Illustrator preferences 2. And going to View>Preview on CPU

All of which did nothing.

How do I make the ends of my stroke pointed instead of round?


You must create an Art Brush with the shape and end type you want:


enter image description here

Shape and end types examples:

enter image description here


You appear to be using a calligraphy brush. Are you aware of that?

Instead choose the Artistic_Ink Brush called "Tapered Stroke". It's available in the Brush panel drop down menu, under Open Brush Library > Artistic

Also set the "Variable Width Profile 1"

enter image description here

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