How do I recreate this color overlay/design in photoshop? Colour overlay/wash and a triangle grid

enter image description here

it's the main image on our website http://www.advantawealth.co.uk/


Create a pattern using this module:


Over the main image, make a layer and fill it with the pattern


Invert the pattern layer

pattern layer

Change the blend mode to Screen and reduce the opacity

Screen mode

Make a Layer Mask using a gradient from black to white from left to right

Layer Mask



  • And seeing as the slight gradient of the colour overlay is dead vertical in axis, and fades from the darker sepia-type tone towards white... could be done most easily with a Layer Effect Gradient Overlay. – GerardFalla Jan 29 at 16:31

I'm just adding to Danielillo's already-excellent answer, and with one variant from his approach - but it's still basically the same thinking - that's why I stole his image so brazenly! What I'm doing differently is working from default stuff wherever possible, so you're not creating much new at all, and I'm leaving everything easily re-editable - working non-destructively.

Starting point enter image description here

Create a new pattern fill layer - Layer>New Fill Layer>Pattern - pick the diagonal lines pattern which is first up in the chooser:

enter image description here

Create another new pattern fill layer - Layer>New Fill Layer>Pattern - but this time select the right-angled one in the pattern chooser

enter image description here

Here's what the diagonal lines pattern fill looks like: enter image description here

Now, just so you can see where we're headed here, switch the transparency blending mode of both pattern fills to Multiply - you'll see this:

enter image description here

We're not actually going to keep it this way, but it should be giving you the idea we're headed for...

Now, turn off your actual image layer for now (using the eyeball symbol), then select the two pattern fill layers in the layers palette, and right-click, and pull down till you get to Merge Layers:

enter image description here

Then you select the resulting merged layer, and down at the bottom of the layers palette you click on the adjustment layer button (looks like a circle, half-white, half-black) and choose invert - you'll now see your triangulated grid in white on black like so:

enter image description here

Select the adjustment layer and the grids layer and again, right-click merge layers, and then I name the new one "Grid" so I know exactly what it is. Select that "Grid" layer, and change its opacity blend mode to lighten - you should see this:

enter image description here

With that Grid Layer selected, go up to the menubar and go to Layer>Layer Mask>Reveal All like so:

enter image description here

Left-click once into the resulting Layer mask you'll see in the layers palette, then choose your gradient tool:

enter image description here

Pull down on the gradient selector to get to a straight black and white gradient, and adjust it to your liking - this gradient is how we control that layer mask to fade its effect out towards the right-hand side:

enter image description here

Now turn on your image again, and select that layer, and click at the bottom of the layers palette on the "FX" button, and choose Gradient Overlay:

enter image description here

Make sure your gradient angle is either 90 or -90, and adjust to your liking:

enter image description here

And... Bob's yer uncle!

enter image description here

Hope this helps.

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