I'm going out of my mind with this one. Actually, I have two problems, but I'll get to the other ones in a different post. Right so I'm using Photoshop Elements 14 and any time I try to use a color brush that's anything but black or white it goes all oily and I can't seem to get a flat color no matter what I do. Here's an example of the effect.

enter image description here

The brush modes I'm using are in Normal mode and there's no scattering or anything applied in the settings. I'm using a Basic Brush. Please help, I don't know what's causing this or how to rectify it.

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    Looks like color dynamics - hue shift. I don't use Elements so that's the best I can offer. – Scott Jan 29 at 21:25
  • I don't use Elements either, but the full version of Photoshop has a mixer brush that would create a similar effect. Does Elements have a mixer brush perhaps? If so, try selecting the ordinary brush tool. – Billy Kerr Jan 30 at 1:06

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