in photoshop, '[]' is too far from main shortcut and 'cv' is also has to be hit multiple times until I get the size I want.

I really like kritas brush size shortcut. shift + pen drag.

Is there anyway that you can change it in photoshop?

thank you!

enter image description here

I added an image. that setting is almost what I was looking for. you hit alt and drag your pen on tablet, it easily changes brush size but the problem is that you can't draw since the tip is set to right click. krita automatically holds it as click until I hit shift button with default set up. enter image description here


Photoshop has a nifty dynamic brush size controller built in.

MacOS: Control+Option and then click-drag.

You'll see a red circle, that's the brush.

  • Drag left/right for size
  • Drag up/down for hardness.

This must also work on Windows
I'm uncertain what the equivalent key for Control would be...
maybe Alt + Right-click + Left-click + drag all at once.

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    I can confirm that Alt+Right-click and drag works on Windows. Nice tip! – Billy Kerr Jan 30 '19 at 0:43
  • @Scott Thank you but whenever I push alt it just switches to color picker even if I hit the pen mouse right button first. I am aware of alt + 'mouse' click + drag does that job. my problem is the pen. alt + pen right button + drag doesn't work. – blender baby Jan 30 '19 at 2:03
  • @Billy Kerr thank you. but I was talking about the pen. sorry I shouldve clarified that – blender baby Jan 30 '19 at 2:06
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    Also, if the tip of the stylus is set to right click, you can't then very well left click and drag. The tip can't be both right AND left click. I'd guess for a tablet you need Alt+RightClick+LeftClick+drag... @BillyKerr may be able to confirm that... or not :) On My Mac it's Control+Option, then tap-drag with the stylus... so theoretically that is RightClick+Alt+LeftClick+Drag -- all at the same time. – Scott Jan 30 '19 at 5:06
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    @blenderbaby - that's odd because your question is titled "how to set shortcut for brush size in Photoshop". To be honest with you, you probably need to refer to you graphics tablet user manual. BTW ~ hardware questions are generally off-topic here. – Billy Kerr Jan 30 '19 at 8:41

On Windows you can set Modifier... for Alt+RightClick, holding the set button will increase/decrease brush size when moving pen horizontally and hardness or opacity (set in Tools Preferences) when moving vertically.

enter image description here

As a bonus, if you hold Shift, you'll call a HUD color picker

enter image description here

On a Mac it worked the same until one of the drivers update about a year ago. Now you have to click while holding the modifier button :( Wrote to Wacom support about this several times, no reaction as always.

  • I freakin' hate Wacom driver updates :) I have yet to see one in the last 10 years that fails to introduce some sort of huge bug. they used to always be solid updates... but since roughly 2002.. they never are. I always keep the old driver .dmg around to revert because inevitably I will have to 2 or 3 times before they releases a solid driver update.... In other words.... I feel your pain! :) – Scott Jan 30 '19 at 8:48
  • Oh yes, I tried to stay at those drivers as long as I could but they didn't support my newer tablet :( It's so weird that Windows driver works better now than Mac one, it was the opposite hehe – Sergey Kritskiy Jan 30 '19 at 10:51

With Left Alt + Middle Click + Right Click, I can manage the brush size only with bottom button. With pressing the button, move left/right for diameter size, up/down for hardness. Have tested with wacom driver 6.3.40-2 and Photoshop v21.2.1.

enter image description here


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