I know that it is possible to interpolate between different masters of one font but is it somehow possible to interpolate between two different fonts? Lets say Times and Helvetica? It is for experimental use and dont need to give perfect results.

Which Software can I use to generate a new interpolated desktop-font from two different fonts?

Is there an app to generate a variable webfont that could be animated from one font to the other?

  • Have a look at this method for Blender and this article about live morphing on the web. – Wolff Jan 31 at 18:15

Moreover, you have not included in the question the program you use or want to use to make out this operation, of course you can interpolate two different fonts, a resource widely used in the 90s inside the Decostructivist Style in graphic design. The mix could be done digitally or manually and the results where included in the called Trash Fonts.

Some examples:

Linotype Konflikt


Not Caslon an Emigre font, made with bits and pieces of dry transfer lettering

Not Caslon

Osprey with more than two mixed fonts


Prototype which mix uppercase, lowercase, serif and sans-serif


WalNuss a clear mix between a Sans Serif and a Modern Roman


Elliot's Blue Eye Shadow another multiple mix from Emigre

Elliot's Blue Eye Shadow

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    sorry to be not precise, my question is what software/apps can i use to auto-interpolate fonts. Is there something like a generator for example for a variable web font that can be animated from one font to the other. But I also like to know if there is a software to do this with desktop fonts – buckdanny Jan 30 at 18:25
  • Ok, take this answer as general information, but you should edit your question and specify what do you exactly need. – Danielillo Jan 30 at 18:32

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