I am using Adobe Illustrator to rotate a triangular object.

I found that using the Effect -> Distort and Transform -> Transform rotation works different than a standard rotation made possible during scaling.

To 'illustrate' this problem, I attached a picture below to show how the standard rotation transforms my triangle.

perfect triangle in middle of perfect circle

Notice how all sides of the triangle touch the circle, since it is a perfect triangle. Now when I standard rotate it, it still does this.

perfect rotated triangle in middle of perfect circle

This makes perfect sense. Now when I use the Effect -> Distort and Transform -> Transform tool, the rotation does something (to me) unexpected.

imperfect rotated triangle in middle of perfect circle

How come that the latter transform tool does not rotate according to the centroid? How to solve this?

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Illustrator will follow the center of the bounding box when trying to rotate. The center of the bounding box, is not the same as the centroid.

Bounding Box center point:

bounding box center point



To fix this, group them together for the transform (that's how I do it) and you can un-group them afterwards.

They will then follow the bounding box of the circle not the triangle.

See this post for more info.

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    Hey! Thanks a lot! You are absolutely right, I just found out myself that I could group it and then get it done; so I was about to post the answer and then found out about your answer. Perfect, and you added an explanation that I did not understand before. Thanks a lot, again.
    – mroWsymaS
    Jan 30, 2019 at 16:01
  • @mroWsymaS my pleasure! I'm about to add some images for a more visual explanation too.
    – Welz
    Jan 30, 2019 at 16:02

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