Everything was fine in my indesign project and i sent it home from my desktop at work so i can work on it at home from my laptop. All my Jpgs went blurry! these are huge images that i downloaded from Unsplash. Sent it back to my Desktop and still the same issue. It's in High Quality Display and still looks pixelated.

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Make certain the image links are still valid. Especially if you are moving the INDD file back and forth between workstations. Broken image links will use low resolution previews.

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    Thank you !!! That was it . Have to remember to package everything properly before transferring
    – Katie Sak
    Commented Feb 1, 2019 at 0:17

Basicly what Scott is saying. Bring up the Links panel via Ctrl+Shift+D and if you see any question mark icons up there, that means missing or broken links, which will result in your images defaulting to a low res preview.

When you move projects around, make sure the entire 'Links' and 'Document fonts' folders are included for a working package.

enter image description here

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