What is Vbscript syntax to determine document color mode?

Regards to the posted answer:

I figured it out. Basically the same as your codes. I did not enumerate like you did. I was just interested in getting the returned long value.

So mine was:

Dim mode as long Dim ObjApp

    set objApp = CreateObject("Photoshop.Application") mode = objApp.Activedocument.mode Rem ---------- Immediate test ---------- debug.print mode

I like your enumeration technique. I will put it to use.

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Syntax does not mean what you think it means. There is no syntax for determining color mode. But yeah document objects have a property that is surprisingly named 'Mode'.

dim app

set app = CreateObject( "Photoshop.Application" )

dim msg
dim mode
dim niceNames
niceNames = Array(_
   "Indexed","MultiChannel", "Duotone")

mode = app.ActiveDocument.Mode 
msg = mode & " means color mode is: " & niceNames(mode)
MsgBox(msg )

Names subject to change form Photoshop version to other.

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