Is it possible to automatically create a curve that looks exactly the same while converting its anchor points and bezier curves in a way so that the curve handle are all in 90°/45° positions afterwards? enter image description here

In this example i rotated a curve and by hand set new anchor point and curves handles. 1.) Is there a tool for that ? 2.) If there is no tool, is there a mathematical basis to do this? Thx Guys !

  • If the curve started off by having all 45 degree anchors then sortof yes. – joojaa Feb 3 at 7:59
  • Also you may want to define if looks exactly same is mathematically same or just close enough to look same. – joojaa Feb 3 at 8:46
  • ideally mathematically the same of course, but i'd settle for indistinguishable with the naked eye. – The_Higgs_Boson Feb 3 at 22:18

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