I want to create a custom gradient tool extension. what is the XML structure for the gradient tool? The tool I want to make would fill objects with N-vectors per (unit of measurement) to make vector-based cross-hatching efficient.

I’m looking at this.

Further more, how would I get the XML structures for all of the tool tips available?

  • like this one: github.com/evil-mad/EggBot/blob/master/inkscape_driver/… ? There are no gradients involved in vector based cross-hatches. I don't understand what you mean... – Moini Feb 2 at 19:04
  • yeah not yet, i haven't made the thing yet. Im going to use the gradient tool tip, and functionally control to create vectors in stead of raster gradients. it should make shading much more efficient to cut using a laser. There are also some interesting carving-without-burning thing one can do with a laser and many closely parallel lines. The tool im going to make with make drawing those lines much faster. Does theat eggbot code create an inkscape widget? – j0h Feb 3 at 13:55
  • I think you misunderstand what Inkscape python extensions are able to do. Unless you program a C++ extension, that needs to be present at build time, or create a separate program with its own GUI in Python, and start that from an Inkscape extension, there's no way to 'create a tool' with an Inkscape extension. Check out other extensions - none of them does this. – Moini Feb 3 at 14:54
  • However, you could ask the users to apply a gradient with the gradient tool, and then pick apart the gradient with the extension and turn it into hatches. – Moini Feb 3 at 14:55
  • 1
    If you mean you want to use the gradient tool's cursor on the canvas, then: There is no way to do that with Python extensions currently (unless you write your own user interface with Tkinter, for example). – Moini Feb 7 at 3:26

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