I have recently gotten an SVG snippet from some website, shown below. Although this is doing somewhat similar to what I want (a half circle), I am having issues fixing it to accommodate my needs. Could someone explain what each part of the following snippet means?

<svg width="256" height="256">
  <path d="M 128,128 L 128,0 A 128,128 1 0,1 256,128 Z" />

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The letters in the d attribute of paths stand for certain commands. The numbers are coordinates or other parameters of each command.

  • M stands for "move", specifically move to the exact coordinates that follow (as opposed to m which stands for move relative to the current position). The 128, 128 is the x, y to move to.

  • L stands for (straight) "line" to the next coordinate(s).

  • A stands for "arc" (specifically an oval-shaped arc) following the following format: rX,rY rotation, arc, sweep, eX,eY.

  • Z then closes the path by drawing a straight line directly back to the last place the "pen" was set down (probably the last M or m command).

For more information on how all of the parts of the d attribute of paths works, see this very helpful CSS-Tricks post.

  • Thanks so much for the help! Appreciate it and sorry for the delayed accept :)
    – Daneolog
    Feb 14, 2019 at 22:26

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