What is this style?

I recently saw this image and I wondered what the style is, and how I would go about making it.

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    You already have got a wide answer about the style. Technically there's boxy forms (=only rare curves), gradient fills, glow effects and stepped blendings. Those light beams which fade are gradients with transparency.
    – user82991
    Feb 8, 2019 at 9:58

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Retro Wave

There is a musical style which reinterprets the 80s: Synthwave or Retro wave. In design, it takes on the aesthetics of that decade in an exaggerated way, based on the the late 70's Cyberpunk and New Wave, using and digitally adapting the representation techniques from those years: airbrush, masking, fluorescent inks, perspective, orthogonal grids, blur, motion blur, and inspired by album covers, movie posters or Arcade games (Thron). You can adjust the search looking for Retro Wave Skyline

Retro Wave Skyline Source youtube

Also Flat 2.0 design, adjusting the search within this style by adding neon: flat neon design or flat neon skyline.

Neon Skyline

Source freepik.com


Source Behance

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  • Would you be aware of any tutorials on the style? Thanks any ways :)
    – user131370
    Feb 8, 2019 at 8:11

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