I have a web project and my customer wanted to create his logo like this:
Anyone can help me how can I create this? Does exist any plugins in After Effects?

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    From how this shows up on the page, it's clear it's scanning down the image line-by-line to get that lovely wavering-in effect... but let's be super-clear here: as admirable as the Ateliers Jean Nouvel is (I am in the field of architecture, so yes, I admire Nouvel immensely) it's the height of crass to want to imitate something like this - the whole point is that it's a brief, unique effect which wavers a highly-recognisable logo into visibility. Surely you, and your client, can be more original than copying such a well-known and recognisable marque? – GerardFalla Feb 8 at 17:12
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    I know how it's work. My problem is how can i make these frames? Unfortunately I created my own effect but he didn't confirm that and wanted this effect – Omid Rasouli Feb 9 at 3:03