I recently just started in photoshopping since I want to make 2D games for a project. I found some really cool images that I'd like to use for my game. However, the image I found couldn't be extracted properly by the game engine. So now, I have to edit the image to have a white back ground or a black and white like this enter image description here

My image looks like this, enter image description here

how do I turn the background like the first image, I also need to remove the text and unnecessary stuff for 2D animations.

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  • What resolution is the large image with the sprites? I have a feeling it's going to be too low-res to successfully do this automatically. – mayersdesign Feb 8 at 17:43
  • @mayersdesign I have seen someone transform this particular image to have black and white image like the first image on Youtube. The problem is he didn't show how he did it and just moved. But he did crop the top-left image first. I wanted to do it by myself on the image he used from YouTube, which is the 2nd image on the post. – ImmaNoobInProgramming Feb 8 at 17:51
  • 2
    I have a feeling that answering this is like giving a whole Photoshop course... – Danielillo Feb 8 at 17:51

The image is a GIF in Indexed mode with quite a lot of dithering in the background, making it tricky to select the figures automatically.

The first step would be to convert it to RGB mode, then I guess you could try using the Quick Selection tool to make a selection of the figure, then turn it into a layer mask. Then if the mask is messed up, you could edit the layer mask manually by using the Pencil tool (set to 1px) directly on the layer mask

I tried using the techniques described above, and it certainly seems to work, but some manual editing of the mask was still required.

enter image description here

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