Is there any way to adapt the levels of an image through a specific 'level' layer, like in photoshop ?

I find it very handy to have it as a layer.

See below, I'havent found a way to achieve that...

Levels and curves as layers in photoshop


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Although there are no adjustment layers in GIMP as xenoid has already said, you could create a new layer from visible using Layer > New from Visible, and then apply levels to that new layer. At least that way the original layers are not altered and are still available if you need to redo the levels adjustment.


enter image description here


Need adjustment layers, but must stick with freeware? You have some luck. Krita has them. There the name is "Filter layer". In addition you can insert readjustable adjustment masks which affect only a single layer, not everything below.

Actually the system design in Krita is here and there more coherent than in Photoshop. For example you need smart objects and -filters in PS to have readjustable blur. In Krita it's a Filter layer or a mask just like levels. Unfortunately all filterings do not work as filter layers.

ADD 3 years later

In 2022 online image editor Photopea has reached so much of Photoshop's functionality that it's well worth checking. There's available adjustment layers, layer styles, smart objects and smart filters. Only RGB is supported, but the program is still remarkable.

It's still free, but shows ads. Photopea has started to want a payment if one wants to shut down ads.

  • This does not answer the question.
    – Steve
    Jul 12 at 20:12
  • @Steve The question is already answered. The answer was "no such functionality in GIMP". I guess the questioner and many others, too want still to get adjustment layers, but without getting Photoshop nor other high cost stuff. Try to write an answer which stays in truth and finds or creates that functionality in GIMP. Then we can both see that you have done something useful also today.
    – user287001
    Jul 12 at 20:35

There are no adjustment layers in Gimp.

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