Can anyone help me to fix this problem?

I can't normally apply the custom brush while using blob brush tool.

It's not dependent upon type of brush I use.

With simple brush tool everything is just fine.

enter image description here

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  • The Blob Brush Tool creates shapes, not stroked paths.
  • The Brush Tool creates stroked paths, not shapes.

They inherently create artwork which is constructed differently.

If you draw with the Blob Brush Tool, then apply a brush stroke, you are applying the brush stroke to the circumference of the shape. Similarly to applying a brush stroke to a rectangle... the path around the shape gets stroked.

The Blob Brush tool is meant to draw just "blobs" and not be a "live" brush path. If you want a live brush path, draw with a standard brush. The Blob Brush is really merely a Calligraphy brush that gets expended when you let go of the mouse. It is 100% possible to never use the Blob Brush tool and get exactly the same artwork via a Calligraphic brush and the normal Brush tool.


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