Inkscape 0.92 in Ubuntu 18.04

I have detached a toolbox (the layers toolbox) and made it a free floating window, but then it is impossible to redock it in the right toolbox dock in Inkscape

  • Yeah, in the beginning, it also took me many trials until I found the solution (see answer). This is not really intuitive, IMO, and could be improved. The top bar should also allow docking, just like in other programs. Feb 15, 2019 at 18:00

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Don't drag with the window bar. Put your mouse on the panel title underneath, and drag from there.

enter image description here

Also, aim for the top of the right hand panel, or Inkscape may put your toolboxes in two columns.

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    An alternative way (in case dragging really isn't working for someone) is to (with Inkscape closed) edit /Users/username/.config/inkscape/preferences.xml, search for "layers" to find id="layers" and inside that group change state="1" to state="2". Save the XML file and re-launch Inkscape. Note that .config is a hidden folder, so make sure your OS is set to show hidden files and folders (on recent Macs the shortcut Cmd Shift . will toggle this.)
    – Mentalist
    Jun 20, 2019 at 1:52

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