When scaling artboards "by hand" with the "scale handle", the font-size of textframes changes as expected. However if I use the transform dialogue to enter an exact value I want the artboard to scale to, the font-size does not increase but only the area of the text-frame. It is the same as I would use the "normal" handles if I were to scale "by hand" instead of the "scale handle" (for the lack of better words).

Here is a gif detailing the issue: gif showing different scale behaviours in affinity designer


According to this post on the official Affinity forums, that is the expected behavior:

You can't use the Transform panel to set the dimensions directly because the text frames will reflow instead of being scaled.

- MEB (Moderator), Affinity on Desktop Questions


A workaround:

Scale manually. Have the content grouped and use the handle which scales the content, too. Have another artboard which has exact dimensions and snap to it.

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