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I can't change the appearance of the stroke on this polygon to anything under 4pt stroke, and I can't change the corners from anything but round joint. Turning off the stroke does nothing, and only change the stroke size above 4pt changes the appearance. Even then I can only change the stroke weight, nothing else.

When I create a new polygon, it's fine, until I save the file and load it up again.

File was created on a 2018 version of AI on a MAC. File has been edited on 2018 and 2019 versions of AI on a PC as well.

I am a student, so switching between versions and PC/MAC is mandatory because I have to work in class and at home.

Any thoughts?

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The Layer itself has an Appearance applied to it.

enter image description here

You may have a stroke applied to the layer which makes everything on that layer appear to have the same stroke.

Highlight the layer in the Layers Panel and then check the Appearance Panel for additional strokes there.


You may also have applied a style to a whole layer or group, which casuses inabilities in changing stroke or fill in a similiar fashion to the one you mention.

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