I'm trying to create a debossed effect in a small scale. It's a coin-like layout, but not using metallic gradients:

enter image description here

I've been working across Photoshop for image isolation/clean up, but ultimately want to create a vector in Illustrator. The design will be printed at 1" and I'm struggling to find a combination of text, shadow and deboss effects that will be visible at such a small size.

I've tried drop shadow, inner glow, and bevel and emboss. Is this achievable, and if so how, or should I just use text fill/stroke that provide sufficient contrast instead?


Here's what you can get for "Lucky Penny" with high contrast and high resolution printing

enter image description here

The effect is 3D-extruded hole in Illustrator, yellowish bottom is added.

Watch this far enough to see it relatively as big as a real button, then you see it right.

I recommend you to forget the idea, only real mechanical debossing would look right in a physical button. Put your effort to have clean readable texts with good colors.

But if you still want to test the idea, see this older case for technical hints:

Adobe Illustrator: Deboss or Engrave Effect

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