This does not make sense to me. I have an Illustrator file and the shape is about 245 x 210 px on the artboard:

enter image description here

I then export this image as a transparent png, using the artboard:

enter image description here enter image description here

But after it's been exported to my desktop and I right click on it and get info, it says that the dimensions are 1036 x 915:

enter image description here

That's WAY different from how it is in Illustrator. And when I try to upload the image to imgur, it's also too large there as well:


I'm just trying to make this triangle smaller. Why is this happening?

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You are exporting at 300 ppi which is more for printing, for screens, I believe that the number is generally 72 ppi.

I personally would just use Save for Web (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S) and then manually input the size I want in the dialog.

enter image description here


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