I add a rectangle and some text at the footer of a master page. They are all there in InDesign, but when I export it to pdf, the rectangle disappears. I check layer of the rectangle, it's visible. What else do I need to change to ensure that the rectangle appears in pdf and also print-out. Thanks.


Try to select the object and open the Attributes panel (Window > Output > Attributes).

Make sure that the object isn't set to "Nonprinting".

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    Thanks Wolff for that. It's in fact not selected, but not appear in pdf. I tried to select it, then deselect it, and it worked. So I guess it's error of InDesign. At least I learn if that happens again, we select nonprinting, export to pdf, then come back to InDesign and deselect it. – Giang Feb 23 '19 at 13:25

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