enter image description hereI'm currently designing a logo for my startup Reviewerly, an online platform for entrepreneurs looking to garner honest, high-quality reviews and testimonials for their products. I've posted it on Reddit, but haven't received much feedback. To make things clear, here's how I interpret the logo:

The imagery represents a bird with a star in its mouth, a nod to the phrase "Early bird gets the worm." I chose a star because it's indicative of a review (no, it's not a reference to communism). You can see how the erly part of Reviewerly is a play on the word early. Maybe? I chose the colour red because it represents excitement and passion, two essential qualities that make up any budding entrepreneur. In terms of the type, I chose a sleek sans-serif font that embodies modernity but also an approachable demeanor—hence also the lowecase.

Feedback, suggestions, and criticisms are all welcome!

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It's a right logo, I don't think it needs too many fixes, just some points to consider:


While a logo is initially static, its use is not. You should consider designing the following options, even if they are not used. This will help you better understand the formal scope of your logo. In the examples I have put your logo as it is now to better understand the type of arrangement to be made:

  • Black and white version


  • Black background version

Black background

  • Black and white version on a black background

Black and white version on a black background

  • Short version Have you thought about making a shorter version? how your logo will look in a social network avatar? See this question


In the description of your logo you make a special reference to the star, the prize that catches the early bird. The size is in relation to the bird pictogram, but not to the logo. In a reduction, the lowercase i dot is visually more important than the star. They are competing directly and, in my opinion, they i dot wins.



These are the most important points in the creation of your logo:

  • honest
  • high-quality reviews and testimonials
  • early
  • excitement
  • passion
  • entrepreneur
  • modernity
  • approachable

More or less are reflected in the design

A consideration:

Although the color red is for passion and excitement, in this case I think it alludes more to other types of ideas. The dark red is blood, for more positive connotation we want to put on it. In this case transforms the bird into a crow and the star in an attack weapon.

enter image description here

Is red the only one option to show passion and excitement? Or just a extreme bright color fulfills that function?

Early = dark red? The dark red is rather a late color, the dark gives this connotation, reflects more sunset, closeness to the darkness of the night.

What color mix early, passion, excitement and modernity?

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Hey Danielillo, thanks for the feedback! I agree that my choice of red was not the best option, so I've opted to go with orange like you suggested. In terms of the overall design, I've decided to take the logo in an entirely new direction—and even changed the name from Reviewerly to Revuture (a combination of the words "review" and "future"). Right now, I'm undecided between two different design concepts I've come up with. Please let me know what you think. imgur.com/9MSC3xT imgur.com/CHTOR34 – An Anonymous Ignoramus Mar 2 at 19:28
  • Comments are for the active questions, if you have a new question better create another one. – Danielillo Mar 2 at 19:53

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