How can I create any 2D animation to do this type of animation? What programs can I use?

I am looking to make a flat, circular-bound illustration into a 3D coin (with a different back) and rotate constantly, just like this statue GIF.

I have AfterEffects and Cinema4D. I am not too well-versed in these platforms. It would be great if you can recommend the best workflow for this. :)enter image description here

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    Map 2D artwork to a 3D model.. record 3D model spinning to a movie file. Open movie, export as gif. -- these are broad steps. – Scott Mar 4 '19 at 5:04
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    If you're not versed in AE and C4D then you'll need to learn at least one of these well and the basics of the other. Too broad to fit in a proper answer here. – Luciano Mar 4 '19 at 9:12

I can't tell you what apps were originally used to create this, but general workflow-wise, this was a 3D model (high likelihood it started as a photogrammetric scan) created with a 3D DCC (Digital Content Creation) tool such as Modo, Blender, 3DS, Maya, C4D or Lightwave, with a simple NPR (Non-Photo-Real) edge shader applied to it, which then had a turntable (1) animation created, either by rotating a virtual camera around the model or by rotating the model. There was no illumnation or GI applied - only the NPR edge shader (not even a toon cel-shader or half-tone shader) and this turntable animation was then converted to a .gif file.

(1) Turntables are a commonly-used export in the 3D generalist world for small assets, as they enable the 3D Generalist's modeling or digital sculpting skills to be easily highlighted in the least time: often, the artist will give one complete rotation with the given desired shader, then one rotation with "wires" (wireframe view) to allow the viewer to assess how clean their topology + edge flow is.

Hope this helps.

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