I created a brush and used the brush tool to create an image made from strokes. When I go to expand appearance, it adds bits to the edges. This isn't happening when I use a regular straight stroke brush. Same thing happens when I do outline stroke. Line as a stroke

Line expanded

Art brush options Appearance Panel

  • Is there some other stroke applied? I've honestly never seen this happen unless there's also an additional stroke applied in the Appearance Panel stack. – Scott Mar 6 at 6:06
  • Did you have a fill applied? If so, try removing the fill first, before expanding. – Billy Kerr Mar 6 at 14:52
  • I've checked the appearance panel and there is no additional stroke applied that I can see, also, there is no fill. This isn't happening with a basic default stroke, only the custom brushes I have added, I have added a photo of the art brush options above. I'm wondering if it is because it is not a closed path, and when it is being converted into an outline it is adding a fill in the process kinda thing (if that makes sense lol) – Jane Mar 6 at 20:48
  • I think I figured it out, when I made the art brush it was a solid shape with fill and no stroke. I tried to make another brush but this time with just a stroke and no fill, the issue I was having didn't happen when I expanded the appearance of strokes with this new art brush. – Jane Mar 6 at 21:38

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