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My designer supplied me a design and it contained a stroke style.

On his version (on the left), the images with a text wrap stop the stroke style. But on my version (on the right), although I have a text wrap which cuts into text, it does not stop the stroke style (dots) that goes to the edge of the text box. It goes underneath the image and out the other side.

You can see in the image on the left the handle stops by the text wrap. On the right it continues through past the picture Touching it. Apologies for bluring out most of the picture, I wasn't sure the client would like it.

I have ensured text wrap is not being ignored by the text box. The text wrap is applied identically on both pictures. For now I have put a white box in place to cheat it but I'd like to know the real answer.

  • It's hard to tell without having the document at hand. Maybe the image on the right side is pasted inside the text frame as an anchored object? They can only affect text which comes after the image in the text frame. Or the image lies behind the text frame and Preferences > Composition > Text Wrap only Affects Text Beneath is checked? – Wolff Mar 6 '19 at 16:50
  • But surely if that was not checked hen neither would work as it's a global preference – Eoin Mar 6 '19 at 16:52
  • Well if the image on the left side was above the text frame and the right side image was below, then it should react that way. (I might be missing something because of the blurred image :-)) – Wolff Mar 6 '19 at 17:24
  • The image on the right the Stoke style goes be rather the image. This the image on both sides is above the text frame. – Eoin Mar 6 '19 at 17:35

Don't ask me why but paragraph rules are not affected by text wrap if wrapping doesn't not run up to the edge of the column.

Just increase text wrap right offset value in order to reach or extend the text frame (or column)

enter image description here

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  • Woah! Trying this now – Eoin Mar 7 '19 at 10:07
  • My god man. You are right!!!! What on earth! – Eoin Mar 7 '19 at 15:35

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