I am looking for the "Swissair" font.

enter image description here


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This is a specific type of lettering with a "techno" image that was popular in the 1930s and 40s. The basic idea is being quite high-contrast but modernist in feeling, sometimes with and sometimes without serifs. This specific image is definitely not a font-people didn't use fonts for corporate logos in the 1940s, they would have an artist draw a custom one.

If you want something similar with minimal serifs, Corvinus is a popular font that is similar-there are several official and unofficial digitizations; Skyline is renamed. Quirinus is from the same period.

If you want a sans-serif, Domaine Sans by Klim is really excellent, and his blogpost on its design lists a lot of similar sans-serifs from the period he looked at as influences. Peristyle is new and feature-packed.

Many of the above typefaces never had italics, or they aren't available in all digitizations, but there are some. If what you specifically want is the same hyper-slant, I doubt you're going to find anything exactly similar. (Whatever you do, don't hyper-slant an existing font-it always looks awful.) Stradivarius is probably closest, it's a script based on the same kind of lettering. Mondial also has italics styled for display typography with extremely high contrast.

  • Actually, another recommendation: Tzigane by Albert Bolton. Strongly slanted, very like this design.
    – Copilot
    Aug 13, 2023 at 23:54

It may be an old typeface edited for this logo which eventually never got digitalized. If you are looking for a close match, I would suggest you to use a tool like WhatTheFont, which detects and tries to guess what font you input. The closest match for your image is Tzigane Regular, even though is pretty different (w is curvier in the original, and r hook is more pronounced) it could be a nice alternative to recreate the look and feel.

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