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The Left side is what the colour looks like in Photoshop, and the right is how it looks once saved as a .tif (Both are CMYK) Will the right side be printed in the left's colour, or the colour that it saved in? If it will print as the colour it is saved in, what do I need to change to get it to print as the colour it is in Photoshop. All help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • If everything is set correctly that color shift should not be occurring and YES that light grey will print light grey. There are other issues at play. Without direct examination of the file and a whole lot more information, I don't think this question can be answered. – Scott Mar 14 at 7:27
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    Hi. Welcome to GDSE. With which software are you viewing the TIF image? Persumably it's not Photoshop? Not all image viewers support CMYK. – Billy Kerr Mar 14 at 11:00

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