I have a Frame template png.

enter image description here

All images are saved as .png. I have been copying the frame template dragging the image onto the frame > Transform > Scale > dragging layer below the frame > merging layers > saving for web > below is the frame. To do this for each image is a bit time consuming. If I create an action to do this I am not sure if it will work due to the fact each original is of a different size. What I would like to ask is what is the best time saving way to do this? Batch automation or other(instructions of the path I should take)


If you have the frame.psd file with a Background layer and the FRAME layer, you can record and play the following action to each image:

enter image description here

  • Menu File → Automate → Fit image: the width and height bigger than the inner frame (≈ 10/20 pixels)
  • Select All
  • Copy
  • Close without saving
  • Select the background layer
  • Paste
  • Save


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    Thankyou Danielillo , I will give this a go – David Mar 15 '19 at 12:12

I am not sure if it will work due to the fact each original is of a different size.

I think this is probably the main barrier to full automation. Obviously, automated resizing/cropping of the images to the same aspect ratio may not work for all images. So, perhaps a way to speed up manual resizing/cropping would help you, so you could then just record an Action in Photoshop to automate the rest of the work.

When I have hundreds of photos to crop manually, I use Lightroom. There's no saving required after each edit, so you can simply concentrate on making the crops. You can set the crop to a predefined aspect ratio. When finished, in Lightroom you can export all the cropped images to a specific size in one go.

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  • Thankyou Billy, I had lightroom and will install again I think I shall first try the action option that Danielillo suggested below. – David Mar 15 '19 at 12:15

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