Let's say I have a document with a vector layer.

If I want to add a path to that layer with the Pen Tool, I select the Pen Tool in Path mode with Combine Shapes as Path Operation and draw the new path I want:

pen tool ok

If I do the same with the Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, or any of the predefined shapes tool, I only get the path (no fill, no stroke):

rectangle tool not ok

In addition the two path seem "linked" to each other, like grouped together (they select together with the Path Selection Tool).

The only workaround I found is to select the rectangle, cut (Ctrl-X) it, change the tool to something else than Path Selection Tool, take back the Path Selection Tool, and paste the shape:

enter image description here

Is this inconsistency in behavior normal? How can I get the Rectangle Tool (or any other) work like the Pen Tool? In other words how can I simply draw multiple vector rectangles on an existing vector layer?

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  • Make sure the Shape Selection Tool is active and the object vector frame is visible (selected or not)
  • Use the "Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, or any of the predefined shapes tool" in the Shape Mode and hold Shift when starting to draw
    • Release it while drawing to make a rectangle, if not Shift will constraint the proportions making a square.

enter image description here

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