I'm a total beginner at animation. I'm about to start a project in Adobe Animate that will have two characters fighting. From what I've seen, a lot of people use symbols to break apart characters and animate individual parts. But... I would think it would be more complicated with the extra layers vs animating on one layer, especially since I don't plan on having anything loop (I also want to add full character motion blurs)... I'm talking only about characters, not background, etc

Would it be better to animate an entire character frame by frame or within a symbol in this situation?

  • I'm pretty sure symbols don't prevent you from doing frame by frame animation. I think you might be asking the wrong question in that last paragraph. The two opposites would I guess be "motion tween" and "frame by frame animation". Symbols are just a way for you to store objects. Symbols are used to isolate sections so it's easier to work with certain areas, just like you said. I think you should do whatever you feel makes you comfortable. Especially when you're starting to learn... anything... you should first find a comfortable place and then you can start learning how to work smarter. – Joonas Mar 18 '19 at 8:31

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