While I use Adobe InDesign, I also open Adobe Bridge with it sometime to ‎see and manage pages better. Big thumbnails in the “Content ‎pane” of Adobe Bridge is great option. Although I maximized the Zoom ‎slider, but still the thumbnails of pages are not big as I expect. Today I ‎found out weird something! I've edited and modified a page (like resizing a ‎text box, moving a page or any tiny changes) and then save the file, ‎and when I back to Adobe Bridge and see the modified page, it would ‎bigger as I expect!‎ Why did it happen? Although this is a good thing happen and I need it, but I wonder why Adobe Bridge needs a modified page to make bigger a thumbnail of a page?‎

I use Adobe InDesign CC 2018 and Adobe Bridge CC 2018.

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