I'm new to Adobe XD. At the moment I'm trying to make a card. For that I made a box and I want to add a line to it. My problem is when I try to align that line to the box, it doesnt align.

Here are two screenshots:

First try: enter image description here

When I try to move it to the left: enter image description here

But I want the line to align to the white box.

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You'll notice sometimes when things are not aligning against each other that one of the objects may be .5on the x or y axis compared to the other object you're working with.

enter image description here

Simply remove the extra .5 from axis and your items should align.


In XD, lines will snap to other objects more cleanly if you change the end caps to "Projecting" (aka square caps):

XD end-cap choices

This will give you perfectly aligned intersections just by using the regular snapping when drawing/resizing/moving lines, without having to manually change the X/Y values at all:

line perfectly snapped to edge of artboard

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