Probably beginner graphic designers interests start around logo creation. Then probably shift towards visual identity, then branding.

My interests started directly from logo to branding, now I kind of regret that. Because, as a beginner, I found out that branding it's much more than the logo and visuals. Branding includes marketing research, tone of speech, customer services and how employees treat you, customer experience, and probably a lot more I'm not aware of.

Knowing this, the branding process seems like a really, REALLY intensive research work, more than I thought. It's kind of overwhelming.

So my question is; Can you design/create a brand all by yourself as a beginner? Where can I learn to go solo on a branding process? Should I keep myself with Corporate Visual Identity first, then move to Branding?

  • I've always heard brand identity as a visual element to the company. I have never heard of branding including "customer service, market research, etc." That seems outside the scope of a graphic designer and the graphic designer stack exchange. – AndrewH Mar 26 at 22:14
  • Here is an article that got me thinking into this: blog.jcimarketing.com/business-marketing/… – Cristóbal Mar 26 at 22:16
  • Get an actual book, articles like this are sometimes just a collection of keywords to attract search engine traffic, which dillutes the meaning of the topic. – Lucian Mar 26 at 22:19
  • What book do you have in mind? – Cristóbal Mar 26 at 22:21
  • 2
    You would do market research that helps with creating the visual identity of the brand. Example, if I am tasked with creating a logo for a girls toy company. I would probably use colors like pink and purple instead of orange and brown. You base your design on the target audience and the type of look that you want the brand to convey. In my experience, a Graphic Designer would only be working on the visual identity for a company. – AndrewH Mar 27 at 13:04

Yes you can do a branding job solo, but it also kind of depends on the job and your experience.

Then, branding can mean different things, for some clients it may just be a logo and a website. Other times a branding job can mean so much you need a team to deliver.

Just stick to what you can do.

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