I've got a problem I wanted some help with...

I've got a Cinteq 27qhd that has a default color space of AdobeRGB, so that's what I see everything in. Photoshop uses AdobeRBG as its default working space. Once I take my rendered images into PS the colours are great and vibrant and how I saw them when rendering. Yet when I export to the web from PS with the embedded AdobeRGB profile assigned and click "Convert to Srgb" the colours are washed out when I try and view the image on a different device like a phone or someone else computer.

I thought you could export to the web and convert to srgb yet still retain the correct color profile you used as it was embedded into it. Or am I wrong, I'm not sure?

I've never colour calibrated my cinteq btw since I bought it 3 years ago, and I'm not sure if that is the issue.

Anyone know how to fix it so that images maintain the vibrant colours of the profile but are converted for the web? The left pic is the correct colours preview window of the export but the right is what appears on another person's computer - desaturated

enter image description here

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