I'm new to After Effects, and I am trying to create a polygon tile with hexagons (a honeycomb-like pattern) on a shape layer, in a manner similar to the pattern fills in Illustrator. However, as I want to use this layer as a static mask, I haven't been able to find a tutorial or resource to demonstrate how to do this.

Essentially, I'm trying to generate a layer from this:

Red hexagon over 4-color gradient

that looks similar to the following, which I created in Illustrator:

Black and white hexagon ("honeycomb") pattern

The end goal of all this is to use this layer as a dual mask, where the four-color gradient occupies the positive space (the hexagons) of the mask and a background solid fill occupies the negative space.

I've considered trying to import an image from Illustrator and masking via channel values (as discussed here), but interop between Adobe applications is a bit too deep of a rabbit hole for my current preference (and level of experience).

How would I start to go about this?

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