In Photoshop, how can I create a horizontal gradient of transparency?

For example, I would like a grey background with a 100% opacity band in the center and opacity progressively reaching 0% at the left and right edges.

Similar to https://www.shutterstock.com/fr/image-illustration/modern-abstract-horizontal-background-white-transparent-1113297590, though with transparency inverted.

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Use the gradient editor to change the opacity of the stops.

To bring up the gradient editor, click on the gradient tool, then click on the gradient in the tool options along the top.

enter image description here

When the gradient editor opens, then set up three colour stops of 50% grey (the stops below the gardient), and add three opacity stops (the stops above the gradient), then select the opacity stop at each end as shown below, and set the opacity of each to 0%.

enter image description here

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