Is there an open source software package I can use to create a short video, like the one in this link?


The video has words which change and letters which also change, fading in and out to end with a complete, unfaded sentence.

I am guessing I need multiple text layers and the ability to edit the text, individual characters and change the opacity of individual characters.

I am unsure what this type of animation (changing words and letters) is called. It's almost like a 'cipher' video, though not exactly.

Is there an open source package I can use?

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Natron could get this done well - it's an open-source feature-film-quality compositor, nodally based and can use Nuke plugins. You could also look at DaVinci Resolve.


One option is that you look for a JavaScript text generator, and capture the output on your browser using OBS obsproject.com

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