The situation - I need to hand over designs to my devs. I have created some spacing tokens, that I am using in Sketch(the design software). These tokens are based on baseline alignment of the text layer and I'm using them to give vertical spacing between a heading and body. Now sketch renders a text box around the text layer, based on the line height. When I am viewing this design in Abstract(version control/dev handoff tool), it's giving a different text box rendering. The same problem is when I view the text box in zeplin(another dev handoff tool). These values are showing as random numbers(not following the 8pt grid, that I have based my tokens on).

The problem - Android has no concept of baseline alignment. What spacing reference do I use in order to make sure that my designs are developed with the exact same spacing as in my design file. Also, is there a way to implement baseline alignment in Android?

  • about implementing baseline alignment in Android: that'd be off-topic here, better ask on Stack Overflow – Luciano Apr 4 '19 at 10:02

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