I am trying to arrange my text in my Adobe Illustrator file such that when it is saved to pdf, and the reader wants to copy and paste the information in the document the order is somewhat preserved.

For example I have 2 main columns with multiple text boxes and I'd like to label it so that if the entire document is copied into a text file then it would read:


Right now it's all over the place


InDesign has an export option called 'Create Tagged PDF' which does exactly what you need, but not sure this is available in Illustrator (not in CS6 at least):

  • Do you think it would be possible to create the pdf with Illustrator then add the tags with InDesign? or would some of the structure get lost? – VicVer Apr 5 '19 at 20:23
  • Never did that so can't say. Likely not going to work since ID will include AI content as outside links. Do a quick test, see what happens. – Lucian Apr 5 '19 at 20:36

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