I'm doing an assignment for my class where I'm supposed to rip a magazine article into bits and rearrange them into a different shape. But the teacher prefers things to be done in a program, rather than physical art. I've been trying to hours to "rip apart" my selected image in both Illustrator and Photoshop but haven't gotten anywhere.

What am I able to do to divide an image into a lot of little bits that don't all look identical without spending hours and hours on it?

And why is such a simple function to just cut up an image so seemingly impossible?

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    Are you trying to split a raster or vector image? If it's raster, Illustrator would be more trouble than it's worth for this particular operation. – Scott Apr 10 at 21:36
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One appoach in photoshop could be to make a layer above the image where you draw "cut lines" with a 1px pencil tool (B).

Make that layer active then use magic wand to select one "piece", copy merged (Shift+Ctrl+C) and paste. Repeat this for each piece and you have each piece on separate layers.

The drawback is that the pieces will loose 1 px, perhaps someone else have a better solution.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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