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There is often organic shape, very minimalist illustration of a person(s).

enter image description here

I know these are flat vectors, I want to know name of artistic style.

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    Also here, and here – Danielillo Apr 11 at 16:54
  • they aren't just flat vector? otherwise all mono color icons are flat vectors too. and they aren't the same. This one is more 'organic' – Muhammad Umer Apr 11 at 22:24
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    You could describe it as a flat or 2D curvilinear illustration. Curvilinear means "made from curved lines", but yes it's still a kind of flat illustration, regardless of the actual shapes themselves. There's no specific one word term for this style of illustration, at least not in English. – Billy Kerr Apr 12 at 13:09
  • main reason i want to know what they are called is so i can google. while english may not have word for it, google might have already associated certain words with this style in particular. – Muhammad Umer Apr 12 at 17:18
  • right now this is the closes i've come "vector person illustration 2019 trend web design" – Muhammad Umer Apr 12 at 17:21