I'm a developer and we want to create an animated hero for one-to-one video chat and this here will be like the third participant. We want to get along only with css animation in extreme case start using canvas.

I like how bodymovin works https://codepen.io/airnan/project/full/ZeNONO but it has plugin only for Adobe After Effects but there is no plugin for Harmony 16 Pro.

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    This looks like a question you should ask the developers of Harmony 16 Pro – Luciano Apr 12 at 9:41
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    Hi. Welcome to GDSE. After a quick search of the Toon Boom community forum and a lack of answers to similar questions, I suspect the answer is no. You might be better to ask your question there, or even request it as a feature if not already implemented. – Billy Kerr Apr 12 at 12:45

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