Working in Inkscape I have an object that is somewhat transparent. I wanted to put this object on a background of a solid color but the background color is the same too.

So after giving some thought to this question I'm asking what can I do to contrast the object to make it look like a half transparent, like a red balloon or red glass on a red background.

My idea was to make the background somewhat transparent and put white in it, so now I have this somewhat transparent red background with white in the middle and on the outer part of the background gradient.

But then I thought that I really do need a solid color cause even if this background like a spotlight white in the middle red going out back to white at the end cause in real life something has to be behind it.

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Simply use a tint of the color rather than transparency.

enter image description here

This may mean you need to alter your objects. If the top object extends past the background object, the tint will still show, transparency may not.

enter image description here

Beyond this, I'm afraid an image in the question, as an example, may be needed to assist further.

  • thanks for your reply, I though about adding a background shadow to the transparent image i forgot how to do it with it just showing on the outer edge of the object in question.
    – L2L2L
    Commented Apr 14, 2019 at 20:12

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