I've got a text object on top of a solid colour, and I'm trying to cut out the text from the background image.

I outline the text and then use "Minus to Front" function on the text, and the background.

But when I do this the text quality gets compromised (see images)

Any suggestions on what's possibly doing this?

This is how it looks before

This is how it looks after

This was the finished article - Need to be larger

  • Hi. Welcome to GDSE. Looks like something to do with alignment to the pixel grid. I can't replicate the problem, unless I scale the text quite small and specifically hit the "align selected art to pixel grid" button. – Billy Kerr Apr 15 '19 at 0:20
  • Working too small was going to be my guess, like Billy alludes to. – Scott Apr 15 '19 at 3:18
  • Ahh you're right - it's a size thing. I've enlarged it and the problem goes. Is there any solution? My canvas is 22m x 22m - I'm using the design to make some wooden keyrings on a laser cutter Any way I can maintain the text quality at such a small size? I need the text at a 6pt size (max)... The align to pixel grid seems to be the problem, but it seems to default to that for both the circle and outlined text when I use "Minus Front" function. Is there a way this doesn't default occur possibly? – HughJanus Apr 15 '19 at 7:14
  • When creating a new document, start with one of the print document presets, then the align to pixel grid behaviour is disabled by default in the document's properties. – Billy Kerr Apr 15 '19 at 8:11
  • @HughJanus why would you have a fill for a 20mx20m piece? (or is it 20mm x 20mm?) engraving at that size would take absolutely forever. – joojaa Apr 15 '19 at 16:09

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