I have hundreds of documents, which are rounded: the document was not straight when it was photographed, and the image is curved or rounded in various ways.

I'm looking for an automatic or semi-automatic process, that will

  • detect the lines (not OCR, just line curves),
  • straighten the whole page according to the (assumed) text lines.

Can you point me a software or feature, or even code that tries to fix this?

example attached (original):

enter image description here

after an (imperfect) manual fix (gimp, cage transformation):

enter image description here

  • if u have only two case (left page and right page) and all pictures shot from same angle(same distort on each page) then i might help you for some action or script for photoshop but still we have many professional for gimp so just wait for their answer :) – Mr.Online Apr 15 at 11:27
  • It might help to know that this language (Hebrew) "hangs" its letters from a "baseline" that runs across the tops of the letters' x-height rather than English which runs across the bottoms of the letterforms. The Arabic numbers "sit" a conventional baseline that has been imposed upon the average base of the Hebrew line alignment. – Stan Apr 15 at 15:03
  • @stan - Hebrew is exactly like English in this respect: It has a bottom baseline. and like other latins, some letters are taller (לf), some go down (קךgy). – Berry Tsakala May 2 at 12:29

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