I have a booklet that is set out as a landscape orientation. This contains hundreds of pages. I need to be able to turn them all (with contents) to a portrait orientation.

Is this possible?

  • It may be quicker to export to PDF and rotate pages in Acrobat. – Lucian Apr 18 at 6:12
  • Check this link indesignsecrets.com/… It's about how to prepare for easy page rotation. It can have something useful also for your case. – user287001 Apr 18 at 8:40
  • Welcome to Graphic Design SE. Can you please edit your question to clarify whether you want to continue working on the rotated material in InDesign or whether this is just relevant as a finishing or exporting procedure? It looks like the answer strongly depends on this. – Wrzlprmft Apr 19 at 14:55

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