I would know what kind of style is the following image to make further research please, from the web I have seen they talk abut grunge style, but I can t find more information about the technique, here an example:

enter image descripktion here

any hint would be great, thanks


I don't think there is a specific name, but I guess you could call it a grunge paint texture. I think it's meant to look a bit like an impressionistic/grungy watercolour illustration.

In my opinion, it has almost certainly been done digitally in Photoshop (or similar raster image editor), starting with a photograph of a street scene, and with the use of a layer mask to reveal photographs of paint textures.

Here's a rough idea of how it could be done

Get a photograph of a street scene, desaturate it, and apply a threshold adjustment. Invert it, and paint in black around the edges with a paint stroke type brush.

Then apply the Cutout filter

Here's a before and after which shows what you should end up with:

enter image description here

Next, find two paint texture photographs (or take your own!)

Create a layered composition, using the black and white image you already created as a layer mask on one of the paint textures. Basically this will mask out one paint texture layer, and reveal the other paint texture layer below.

Like this

enter image description here Better quality example here


There is a trend called "Glitch"... but there is not only one kind of glitch, but it is a start.

That also reminds me of some sort of "solarization".


While typically more relative to tattoo artwork...

I'd call this Trash-Polka, (2) if anything.

enter image description here artwork by "TATJACK"

Trash polka tattoos typically stick to red and black for coloring, but the overall style is very similar.

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