I'm trying to create watermark so I want my logo layer to be transparent. How do I achieve this? I tried all the existing guides but they aren't working. The layers are in JPG format by default when I import them. Can someone give me the step by step directions?

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  1. Drag general picture to a empty Gimp window or open it from File dialog (Ctrl+O).

  2. Drag second picture (watermark) to already opened image document or Open as Layers.. from File dialog (Ctrl+Alt+O). Now you will see 2 layers in Layer tool (Ctrl+L). Make sure than watermark image is above of layer of general image.

  3. Right click on watermark layer and select Edit Layer Attributes...

  4. In Layer Attributes set Opacity to 20-25 or smaller.

  5. Optional: move your watermark layer or duplicate it.


There is no transparency support in the JPG format. When you open a JPG in Gimp (and in Gimp 2.10, when use File>Open as layers), the layer has no alpha-channel, which is how you control transparency of pixels. This is easily checked, when there is no alpha-channel on a layer:

  • the layer name is in boldface in the Layers list
  • the menu Layer>Transparency>Add alpha channel is not grayed out (when that mayer is active).

To add an alpha channel, you of course use Layer>Transparency>Add alpha channel.

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